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MIFO at a glance

On the 23rd of February 1997, Muslim Youth Forum was borne out of the desire to form an umbrella for Muslim Youths’ in order to interact, re-orientate Muslims and correct misconceptions in Islam. Muslim Youths Forum metamorphosed into Muhtadeen Islamic Foundation (MIFO) on the tenth year anniversary of its existence in February, 2007. The change was necessitated by an increase in the need to capture all across ages, not just in its programming but also in the name.

Muhtadeen Islamic Foundation is a group of Muslims comprising students and young professionals that are interested in fostering global peace, justice, dawah, development and cooperation among all in the society, children, the young and the old. Also, in developing and effectively managing both human and material resources to solve numerous needs.

Regardless of culture and socio-economic diversities of its members, Muhtadeen Islamic Foundation believes in transparency, respect for human value and dignity, and for every community to have the capacity of being self reliance in the sustenance of their lives and its development. 

Our aim is to develop, correct misconceptions about Islam and inspire the Muslim minds towards the challenges of being a Muslim and not see their state of being as a setback nor an impediment.

We do this through the special grace of Allah, by embarking on informative and educational programmes such as counseling sessions, visitation to less privilege homes and prison, Quranic and fiqh sessions, soul inspiring Islamic sermons, career talks, public lectures and tefsir, corporate social responsibility with the support of the advisory unit of the organization; the elders council.


our monthly TAHJUD always come up at last Friday of every month.

You are ALL cordially invited; come, know, understand and live Islam.




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